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Where do you start with DIY?


Where do you start with DIY?

Four fifths (79%) of homeowners have at least one property improvement project on their ‘to do’ list for 2021, according to a survey by trade and DIY supplier, SGS Engineering.

Inspired by social media, TV, and simply spending more time around our homes, more people are getting set to fix, build, re-paint and decorate, then ever before.

While DIY repairs and renovations are incredibly satisfying, doing it well isn’t easy and if you’ve never tackled a DIY project before, where do you start?

We recommend that you keep a list of all the DIY projects you want to do and try to order these by complexity.

Starting out with relatively low risk projects – like hanging a picture or painting a wall – means it’s fairly quick and easy to fix if you make a mistake.

DIY books – such as the Collins Complete DIY Manual – and expert guides on Youtube – like The Carpenter’s Daughter, The Restoration Couple, and Homedit – are invaluable resources.

Beginners should start small by changing a light bulb, or building some basic flat pack furniture, before moving on to more ambitious challenges.

Practice makes perfect: not everyone can hammering in the perfect nail first go – so take some time to practice on a piece of scrap wood.

For more complex projects, make sure you do a project plan before you start. List each part of the job including what skills you need to practice and what materials you need to buy.

It’s reassuring to have someone experienced offering a bit of advice so if you know someone who is good at DIY, ask them to supervise you (even if it is via a video call) as you tackle a new job.

For bigger jobs, have a backup plan and know your limits. Contact a recommended plumber, electrician, or a builder.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting professional help when you need it, and it’s better to call in the experts before you create a lot of mess that could be costly to fix.

Would-be builders are also reminded that our skip hire service turns the task of dealing with building waste and general unwanted rubbish into a quick and painless process!