The problem with plastics


Whilst it’s very evident that plastic is everywhere and it has become the ‘norm’ to see it used for so many items, there are risks associated with this and we need to do as much as we can to limit our plastic pollution.

Treasury Predicts 40% Jump in Recycled Plastic Use With New Tax


A plastics packaging tax set for April 2022 will spark an estimated 40% jump in the use of recycled plastic in packaging, according to Treasury predictions.

The startling truth about aluminium cans


Businesses are being encouraged to guide their employees into greener habits by reminding them to recycle aluminium drinks cans.

Where do you start with DIY?


Four fifths (79%) of homeowners have at least one property improvement project on their ‘to do’ list for 2021, according to a survey by trade and DIY supplier, SGS Engineering.

Be careful what you throw away – or find – in house clearances


The famous saying – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – is never demonstrated more clearly when the contents of a house clearance make the news.
So far this year, a famous work by a major British artist, an undetonated grenade and a “creepy” but valuable African mask are just some of the items to turn up amongst the junk.

Small DIY tips to beat the lockdown blues


Taking on a DIY project during lockdown not only helps keep you busy but can also spruce up your home environment and beat the feeling of being cooped up.
Now is a good time to start researching, budgeting, and planning for a large, long-term project for the summer to add space and value to your property.

Inquiry launched for deposit return scheme on drinks packaging


The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has launched an inquiry looking at the introduction of deposit return schemes (DRS) across the UK.
The scheme involves adding a small deposit on top of the price of a product which is refunded when the waste is returned to an in-store collection point.